When it comes to almost everything, Houston’s upward bound with plenty of bragging rights. What other city can claim its name was the first word spoken from the moon? (That happened July 20, 1969.) “Space City” is also where the astronauts aimed their cry to NASA’s Mission Control: “Houston, we’ve got a problem.” They knew where to find the help they needed.

That’s the tradition of the Bayou City, so called because of the numerous natural canals that traverse the area. Houston’s name comes from the legendary Sam Houston, then President of the Republic of Texas.

Houston’s geology developed from erosions of the Rocky Mountains, transported by rivers on their way to the Gulf of Mexico. The resulting de deposits make areas around Houston ideal for rice farming. Unfortunately the city’s spread (well over 100 miles from farthest tip to farthest tip) has encroached on all but the farthest outreaches. On the other side of the coin, Houston was not that long ago ranked first in the list of “Healthiest Housing Markets.”

Houston metropolitan area has ranked first in Texas and third in the U.S. within the Category of “Best Places for Business and Careers” by Forbes magazine. Forbes has also ranked Houston first on “Forbes Best Cities for College Graduates,” “Forbes List of Best Cities to Buy a Home” and “Best City for Shopping.” Kiplinger’s Personal Finance “Best Cities” has ranked Houston at the top based on local economy, employment opportunities, reasonable living costs and quality of life.

The Greater Houston area is larger than New Jersey and only slightly smaller than Massachusetts. The largest city in the southern United States, Houston is the fourth largest in the nation. If Houston were an independent nation, it would rank as the world’s 30th largest economy. And yet, after-taxes living costs are lower than the national average, mainly because housing (including, luxury, high-end housing) is way below the national average.

No wonder upscale residential neighborhoods are the best sellers in the Houston market, according to Greenwood King, the go-to source for the finest homes in the most exclusive neighborhoods.

With Houston’s continual influx of those who can afford the very best have come all the amenities that such clientele expect, the cremé de la cremé in schools, arts, culture, entertainment, shopping and, of course, cuisine.

‘Tis a fact that Houstonians eat out more than residents of any other city in the nation.

Fortunately, Houston is also home to the largest medical center in the world, the Texas Medical Center.

Houston’s Theater district is second only to New York City in terms of concentrated seats in a single locale. With more than 500 cultural, visual and performing arts organizations, Houston is one of only five U.S. cities with year-round resident companies representing all major performing arts.

And when it comes to sports, well, bragging gets Texas-sized. The Heisman Trophy is named for John William Heisman, the first full-time coach and Athletic Director at Houston’s Rice University. The first indoor domed stadium in the nation was, of course, the Houston Astrodome, nicknamed the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” Sports teams abound: Houston Texans, Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, Houston Dynamo, Houston Comets, and more. Speaking of the Comets, they are the only team in the country to win four back-to-back WNBA championships.

Headquarters for more than 23 Fortune 500 companies (only NYC has more), Houston boasts more than 5,000 energy-related firms, earning it the title of Energy Capital of the World. Houston’s port, the 10th largest in the world, is first in the nation in terms of international waterborne tonnage handled. This contributes no doubt to Houston’s eclectic population. Over 90 languages are spoken in this city, which has one of the youngest populations in the nation.

With such high level executive influx comes a need for a Realtor who intimately knows this community. Greenwood King is a leading marketer of single family, townhomes, condominium, loft, mid-rise and high-rise homes and lots in the Houston region’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

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Founded in 1984, Greenwood King is one of Houston’s most resourceful, responsive and respected real estate firms. If you're looking for luxury homes, Greenwood King has a great selection of luxury real estate and much more!

One of only a handful of privately-owned firms in Houston, the nearly 200-agent company is a leader in the city’s high-end market with yearly sales exceeding $1.2 billion. Our real estate agents offer clients years of experience in the luxury home market and can provide the most suitable options for your needs within the Houston, Texas area. We actively list homes near the West University, River Oaks and Memorial, TX neighborhoods and are incredibly knowledgeable about each of our available real estate listings.

Greenwood King has earned its reputation for: award-winning and innovative marketing; Realtors who fully understand the subtle nuances of each neighborhood the firm serves – street-by-street; and efficient and thoughtful use of the latest technology.

The hands-on principals of Greenwood King, Julie Greenwood and Linda King, are firm believers in active participation in the local community and support a high level of volunteerism with significant financial contributions to schools, organizations and community programs.

With three offices in the Houston area, Greenwood King is the first “boutique” firm to open the city’s only full-service real estate resource center, The Lobby. The Lobby’s primary mission is to meet the homeowner needs of Houston city residents.

It’s a place to find your home.